Changelog 13.04.2017

  • General Skills: “First Aid”” now recovers 3/6/9% of unit losses.
  • General Skills: The rounding behaviour of the general skill First Aid has been changed. Instead of rounding up the losses of every type of unit, only the total number of losses is rounded up. Because this is effectively a nerf, we have also increased the percentage of losses recovered.
  • UI: Improved battle report mails with an overview about the used and lost units.
  • Help: Switched the order of attack damage and accuracy in the archive entry “Unit attributes and abilities” to reflect their positions in unit tooltips.
  • Quest: “Attractive prices” will now show the correct amount of buildings that are required to fulfill the condition.
  • UI: Adjusted behaviour of “Send To Adventure” button regarding Elite units.
  • UI: Minor layout improvement on military unit tooltip.
  • UI: Minor adjustment to military unit tooltips.
  • Localization: Updated several texts.

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