Changelog 13.10.2016

  • Adventure: Adjusted landing fields on Ali Baba the young Woodcutter, Ali Baba and the first thief, Ali Baba and the second thief, Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge, Aladin and the Oil Lamp, Sindbad and the Sea Snake and Aladdin and the beautiful princess.
  • Explorer: Explorer skills are now showing up in the “Find Adventure” UI for very long searches.
  • Explorer: Pathfinder skill is now displayed in the artifact search notification mail.
  • Explorer: Sophisticated Explorer skills adjusted to include all adventures that can be found on adventure search.
  • Graphics: Achievements now show the correct event icons.
  • Graphics: Icon for the pvp option in the task building has been corrected.
  • UI: Tactical Resources are now hidden in the star menu until the event starts.
  • UI: Fixed icons display in the Zone Buff notification area.
  • UI: It is no longer possible to press the options panel buttons while the panel is closed.
  • UI: The shop will now be reliably available after finishing the tutorial missions.
  • Quest: The avatar message in “The curse’s victims” in has been reworded “healing”, when it has been healed.

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