Changelog 14.06.2017

  • Achievement: “Oooh! Shiny!” now counts all gold deposits.
  • Buff: Mail description when friend buffs rarity provision house is now correct.
  • Buff: Appliance confirmation window of renewed zone buffs are now displayed correctly.
  • Options: Finished implementation of new visual options.
  • Quest: “Mastery” now starts at a more appropriate level – 45.
  • Quest: “Finish your first Expedition” won’t be stuck anymore, as players will receive recurring mails.
  • Skill: Fixed an issue with persistence of XP used for “Bounty Hunter”.
  • UI: “Wild Determination” will now only be displayed once in the mail window.
  • UI: Various minor tweaks to the colony details UI.
  • UI: Changed zone buff avatar message to use regular “applied buff on this zone” text.
  • UI: Fixed minor layout issue with the player options panel.

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