Changelog 21.09.2017

  • Courageous Explorer: The Courageous Explorer has been added to the Test Environment Catagory in the Merchant.
  • Adventure: Fixed a bug where it was possible to start the buff quest “The Wedding Invitation” twice.
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where a Level 2 Guild House would display the graphics for Level 1.
  • PVP: Fixed a bug that would cause War Dogs to completely regenerate if not defeated in a single round.
  • Text: Renamed “Elite Soldiers” to “Sentinels” to avoid confusion with the new Elite Unit type. This includes “Royal Sentinels” and “Sentinel Deserters”.
  • Text: Various localisation fixes.
  • UI: The Gem price for instantly finishing a collectable buff in the Mayor’s House will now correctly calculate the base cost, in addition to the amount based on the number of missing collectables.
  • UI: The guild market shop category has been removed due to upcoming guild market vote preparations.

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