Changelog 22.03.2018

  • New Quest Buffs: Two new Quest Buffs have been added to the Epic shop category.
  • Unlock the Volcano: Unlock the secrets of the Volcano when you reach level 65, and begin the Mountain Clan Campaign!
  • New resource: A new resource has been introduced: Obsidian Ore. This can be obtained by playing the Mountian Clan Campaign and used to buy new buildings from the Epic shop category.
  • New building: A new building has been introduced: the Stronghold! Found as a reward from the third Mountain Clan Campaign adventure, it produces powerful recruitment buffs.
  • Adventures: Side quests in the second adventure of the Mountain Clan Campaign can no longer be cancelled.
  • Adventures: Small visual and technical improvements have been made to the Mountain Clan Campaign adventures.
  • Buffs: The “Colourful Cold Zonebuff” has been removed from the loot tables for the Mountain Clan Campaign adventures due to performance issues.
  • Generals: Skills such as “Master Planner” should now correctly affect the Mountain Clan Campaign adventures even if debuffs are present.
  • Adventures: The Mountain Clan Campaign adventure debuff “Deep Snow” will now reduce the movement speed of Generals by 50%.
  • Production: Production costs for Smoked Fish Steak reduced to 2500 fish. Effect duration increased to 72h (108h for friends/guild members).
  • Recruitment: Recruitment time for Swordsman reduced to 15 minutes (lvl 1 elite barrack).
  • Recruitment: Recruitment time for Marksman reduced to 15 minutes (lvl 1 elite barrack).
  • Recruitment: Recruitment cost for Mounted Swordsman increased to 2 Platinum Swords and 2 Battle Horse.
  • Recruitment: Recruitment cost for Mounted Marksman increased to 2 Arquebuse and 2 Battle Horse.

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