Changelog 23.06.2016

  • Adventure: The first camp in the Arctic Explosion can now be attacked successfully.
  • Adventure: Some landing fields are now relocated on the Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess Adventures.
  • Locked Zones: Improvements made to decrease the frequency of Locked Zones.
  • Pathfinder:Additional improvements made to prevent tasks from being lost in the Pathfinder building.
  • Star Menu: Resources are no longer visible in the adventure, expedition and friend zone’s Star Menu.
  • Star Menu: Several improvements made to the filters within the Star Menu:
    • Resources and Buffs are listed correctly when in the default filter.
    • Star Menu is now movable when pinned.
    • Sorting by type now displays the appropriate results.
    • Default filter’s results are now consistent.
    • Certain Items now conform to their corresponding search terms in the filter menu.
  • Graphics: Small enhancements made to some minor graphical assets.

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