Changelog 23.08.2016

  • Adventure: Adventure buffs that are supposed to be deleted after finishing the adventure now get removed correctly.
  • Adventure: A Jungle Tree camp in El Chupacabra was moved to make it accessible from two sides.
  • Adventure: A mud puddle on The Dragon’s Roost no longer obstruct general movement, allowing access to a nearby wildlife cave.
  • Adventure: Adjusted “Lost City” Ritual Offering instant complete costs to match their longer production times.
  • Adventure: Fixed the production time of the Swamp Bridge in “The Dragon’s Roost”.
  • Adventure: Garrisons in “The Fisherman and his Wife” cannot be build on water anymore.
  • Adventure: Generals cannot walk over water in “The Fisherman and his Wife” anymore.
  • Adventure: Instead of leaving three clue collectibles on the ground, the magnificient Residence in “Valuable Intel” now must be clicked to receive three clues after it was defeated.
  • Adventure: Upon clicking the abovementioned Magnificient Residence, it gets replaced with a non-interactive version of itself instead of just disappearing.
  • Adventure: “Hansel and Gretel” buff Sleeping powder is now removed from the star menu after cancelling the adventure.
  • Adventure: Replaced the initial community tent on Raid of the Nords with a ruin to be repaired like other tents.
  • Adventure: Relocated landing spots for: Ali Baba and the Treasure of Wisdom, The Valiant Little Tailor, Outlaws, Secluded Experiments, The Dark Brotherhood, Witch of the Swamp and Tikki Island.
  • Adventure: Several adjustments have been made to the buff costs for “Red Riding Hood”.
  • Adventure: The resource costs for “Hansel and Gretel” buffs are now consistent across the whole game and wiki.
  • Adventure: The rewards costs for “Hansel and Gretel” are now consistent across the game and wiki.
  • Adventure: “Valuable Intel” sub quests now also trigger without opening the quest book.
  • Buff: Deletability of buffs should be more consistent now. 

Not deletable anymore now: Krampus. Now deletable: Grilled Steak, Employee of the month badge, Small Glue, Aunt Irma’s Feast, Double-time, Enrolment Campaign, Kitty Lure, Forest Offerings

, Mahogany Flute, Platinum Flute, “Elaborate” Bug Spray.
  • Buff: The industrial coal mine can now also be targeted with “Krampus”.
  • Excelsior: Increased the probability of getting Map parts when attempting to create Detailed Travel Guide pages.
  • Excelsior: The tutorial quests now start at the intended level.
  • Graphics: Assets for depleted industrial iron and gold mines updated.
  • Graphics: Implemented and updated several icons for Excelsior adventures.
  • Help: The help archive now includes an entry on ventures. It pops up automatically once a player completes their first Travel Guide or Fairytale Book.
  • Loca: Several text adjustments.
  • Quest: The Bonus Quest “The Dark Brotherhood” now requires adventure participation.
  • Quest: “Collect Them All” now correctly counts collectibles that were spawned by quests in the new ventures.
  • Stability: Increased the stability of player zones.
  • UI: Added several tooltips for buttons and icons in the Excelsior window.
  • UI: All ventures now spell out their type as Venture in the adventure preview.
  • UI: The Excelsior window now remembers selected category on reopen.
  • UI: Other minor tweaks for the Excelsior window.

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