Changelog 24.01.2019

  • Music: Valentine themed music will play during the event.
  • Shop: Added additional content to the Valentine’s shop.
  • Achievements: Valentine’s achievements now grant achievement points.
  • Achievements: Fixed the reward for the “Forever Alone” achievement.
  • Balancing: Adjusted the costs in the Valentine’s shop.
  • Balancing: Set the bonus for Heart Lockets Level 1 to +200% and for Heart Lockets Level 2 to +300%
  • Buffs: The love garden will no longer display the heart effect when the buff gets activated but the regular sparkle effect.
  • Buffs: The love crazed buff can now be traded.
  • Specialists: The charming geologist now also finds 100% bigger deposits for iron, titanium and salpeter.

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