Changelog 27.04.2017

  • Guaranteed loot: This mechanic will guarantee a drop of a rare item reward, if the item did not drop after a specific amount of rolls on the loot table. This mechanic will reduce the frustration among the community for being dependant on “luck”.
  • Localization: Several texts have been updated.
  • Mail: Removed non-combat skills from battle report mails (still in progress)
  • Skills: Fixed the sorting rules for First Aid skill.
  • Skills: Bounty Hunter skill rewards now are affected by Premium Time.
  • Stability: Added some improvements to increase the stability of the game.
  • UI: Added feedback to the player for adventure invitations.
  • UI: Removed an incorrectly displayed error message after hovering over skilled generals in the battle report.
  • UI: Enemy camps do not display unrelated buffs anymore.

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