Changelog 28.01.2022

  • Valentines Event 2022: The Valentines Event 2022 has been implemented.
  • Buffs: Fixed an issue that caused the buffs of the Toy Factory to have a wrong duration.
  • Buildings: Fixed the cooldown cost for the Giant Snow Globe.
  • Buildings: Fixed an issue that caused the cooldown of cultural buildings to be calculated incorrectly.
  • Buildings: Destroying buildings no longer throws an exception in the browser console.
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue that caused some level 7 buildings to have bloated graphics.
  • Guild: Fixed an issue that prevented the editing of guild ranks.
  • Mail: Mailbox filters no longer get disabled by sorting by date.
  • Mail: Lazy loading for the mailbox has been implemented, improving performance for players with a large amount of mails in their mailbox.
  • Mail: It is no longer possible to delete mails in the outbox which would previously crash the game.
  • Players: Online status of friends and guild members is now displayed again.
  • Specialists: Deposit skill effects no longer disappear after a zone restart.
  • Specialists: The Lucky Find skill should trigger again.
  • UI: The numbers in the army overview have been made more precise. We will attempt to improve upon this further in the future.
  • UI: The tooltip for Generals in the star menu shows the assigned units again.

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