Update 13.09.2017

  • The Larsian Silk Cat: New short quest chain, based on the winning entry by Julie3 (can be acquired through short letters).
  • Of Songs and Curses: New venture, based on the winning entry by Thejollyone (can be acquired through rough travel guides).
  • Adventure categorization has been adjusted in order to be easier to understand.
  • New Guild house upgrade levels have been added to the game. The levels are based on the member limit unlocking at 30 members (level 2), 45 members (level 3), 60 members (level 4), 80 members (level 5) and 100 members (level 6).
  • A mountain has been added to the home island map in sector 3.
  • Stacked scenarios are now counting correctly towards certain scenario achievements, such as Scenario Source.
  • The sidequest “Gift baskets” will now start at lvl 22 instead of 21.
  • The Pathfinder task “Adventure time” now recognizes The Dark Priests as a mini adventure/mission.
  • The information in the help archives about Bandit camps has been updated.
  • Moved a sector border in “Red Riding Hood” to fix an interception issue.
  • A trigger in the quest “Send your Training Forces” got fixed.
  • The amount of troops sent to the Training Expedition when restarting it after a prior cancellation is now being reset.
  • The number displayed the Star Menu, Trade Office and Mails indicating the amount of a certain item will now be rendered with a black outline, for better legibility.

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