Update 13.12.2016

  • Start: The Christmas Event starts worldwide on December 15th (approximately 00:01 GMT)
  • Features: Three new Anteria Generals, new event achievements and a new buff called “Winter Paint”.
  • Changing the production order in the Rarity Provision House is saved properly now.
  • Applying Sandman’s Powder on your island will trigger the specific icon in the zone-wide buffs window.
  • The fog over unexplored home island sectors doesn’t interact anymore with the snow effects caused by “A Thousand Snowflakes”.
  • Guild quest progress should be shown again when the guild quest is preselected.
  • Arctic Explosion and Bastille Island adventures will now spawn collectibles on the adventure map.
  • The amount of XP rewarded for defeating camps with battle buff was adjusted to be more accurate.
  • Zone buffs applied by friends on existing zone wide buffs will now take into account the extra time.
  • “One Step Ahead” quest will now trigger the unlock conditions as intended, to prevent having it stuck.
  • Avatar messages of Epic Farmyard blueprints will now display a more accurate message.
  • The calendar is now called “Event Calendar”, for consistency reasons.
  • The buff “Krampus” cannot be deleted anymore, making it consistent with other exclusive Merchant buffs.
  • No number will be displayed any longer in the in-game message received from friends buffing your buildings.
  • The quest in the Christmas scenarios is now called “Spread the Christmas Spirit”, because it shared its old name with a subset of those scenarios.

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