Update 16.10.2018

  • The Mail Window usability has been improved with new features such as mass deletion, multiple select and filter sorting.
  • This year’s Halloween Event will be technically implemented into the game, which will officially begin on 22/10/18 at 10:00 CEST!
  • Removed two side banners from the shop to increase category list size.
  • Adjusted the fog in the “A Giant Battle” adventure to make only discovered camps targetable by buffs.
  • Daily Quests from Premium will remain available for the whole day on which Premium expires.
  • The Footie Field now displays the buff duration in a consistent format.
  • Adjusted the cost of several low-level buildings to better reflect the resources players at that level can produce: Pinewood Cutter, Pinewood Sawmill, Pinewood Forester, Tavern, Mason, Fisherman, Provision House, Storehouse, Copper Mine, Coking Plant, Copper Smelter, Toolmaker.
  • Players can now purchase the Ballista in the shop for Star Coins.
  • Players can now purchase certain Battle Buffs in the shop for Gems.
  • Implemented an icon for the Field Medic General in the combat report.
  • The buff “Craftsmen Feast” will now affect the weapon productions in the Epic Forge.
  • The XP boost from buffs of the Scouting Post has been increased from 20% to 50%

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