Update 20.02.2018

  • A new quest buff called “Shiny gemstone” is available in the Epic category within the in-game merchant.
  • The PvP water castle now grants space for population depending on the building level.
  • Several adventures received a new quest structure to enable the security question to finish them: Arctic Explosion, Sleepy Reef, The Lost Skull, Tropical Sun, The Sleeping Vulcano, Pirate Life and Bastille Island.
  • The description of Fairy Fire and Fairy Light is now consistent with the description of the other zone-buffs.
  • Items in the Epic category that previously had a 24h cooldown will from now on have a 23h cooldown period before purchasing them again.
  • The Excelsior UI should no longer freeze when interacting with it.
  • Collectibles will no longer spawn on landing zones in Bastille Island.
  • Mr. Croix Sant can be used on the improved bakery now.
  • The sub-quest of the Guild market vote tutorial quest should start as intended now.
  • Battle Frenzy will be applied starting from the second round against enemy units now and not influence camp deconstruction after the first battle round.
  • The items for the “Little Panda” buff quest can now be available the whole time in the provision house when the quest is running.
  • A missing translation was added to the tooltip of the general Mary Christmas in the battle report.
  • Trades will be sent to both sides again immediately after the trade has been accepted.
  • The venture buff Mushroom Medicine now uses a properly sized icon in the star menu.
  • The Jolly Geologist’s name has been corrected in the in-game merchant for some languages.
  • Landing spots on the adventure “The Heroic Little Tailor” have been adjusted.

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