Update 23.03.2022

  • We have reworked the production queue. Improvements include:
    • Improved production queue performance, large amount of orders no longer lead to crashes.
    • Eliminated waiting time for operations such as move up/down, cancel the production, cancel all productions and instant finish the production.
    • The user interface of production items is cleaner. Unusable elements are hidden.
    • When a production queue item is added to the queue, the view of the panel will not be switched from selection mode to the order production mode.
    • The current amount of items in queue gets displayed on the corresponding icon in real-time.
    • Implemented a scrollbar handle that is more convenient to use when there are a lot of orders in queue.
  • Other changes & improvements:
    • Buffs: Corrected the value of the Handful of Balloons buff, it should now work as advertised.
    • Buffs: Fixed an issue that prevented a buff from applying to a building that was just constructed.
    • Graphics: The pickup icon will now be shown immediately when an item is ready to be picked up.
    • Graphics: Fully upgraded event buildings no longer display an upgrade symbol.
    • Graphics: The smoke effect of buildings will now be displayed correctly.
    • Graphics: The shield symbol of traveling Generals will now be displayed again.
    • UI: Restored the move to top/bottom option in the production list.
    • Performance: Fixed an issue that caused frequent zone refreshes in adventures.
    • UI: Fixed an issue that caused the displayed amount of items in production to add up after a zone change.

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