Update 17.05.2016

  • Task Building: A new building available from level 70 that enables players to obtain weekly tasks.
  • Button returning Military Specialists to the Star Menu: To save space, Generals and Marshals can now be returned to the Star Menu at the touch of a button.
  • Online status is correctly displayed for guild members.
  • The cost of actions in the Building Menu is now displayed correctly.
  • The correct icon is displayed in the Mayor’s House overview for the buff “A celebrity comes to town”.
  • The correct message is displayed when visiting a previously banned friend.
  • Animals and settlers can no longer access the “Event island” outside events.
  • Loading and unloading generals now works as intended.
  • The quests “The Good Captain Part 5” and “The Good Captain Part 6” can be successfully completed.
  • Zone buffs last the intended amount of time.
  • Improvements to reduce the frequency of locked zones on Colonies.
  • Texts are adjusted throughout the game and are now consistently referring to treasure searches.
  • The “Go to Shop” button always opens the corresponding Event section in the Merchant.
  • “Barazek” and “Chocolate Rabbit” can now be used on a friend’s island.
  • All buffs for the Provision House can now be used on a friend’s Provision House.

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