Update 23.08.2016 | | Settlers Online Wiki

Update 23.08.2016

  • Star Menu filters/sorting/search: Star Menu improvements are made to be able to cope with the massive amount of items some players have.
  • Guild Market Update: New items are available in the Guild category of the merchant.
  • Size of chat window: The size of the chat window is now saved during one game session.
  • Additional ways/shortcuts to access the Trade Office and the Guild House: Clicking on the Trade Office and Guild House opens the corresponding UI.
  • A confirmation window pops up when trying to cancel trades.
  • PvP Combat UI now always shows the correct enemy units.
  • Intercept areas are changed for the adventure “Sinbad and the Besieged City”.
  • Expedition map: A border in one Expedition map has been changed due to interception issues.
  • Colony slots bought with Valour Points expire as intended.
  • Building Large Towers no longer affects Expedition Buildings and map details.
  • The Forest Trap’s intercept area hasn’t worked properly when attacking camp in “The Island of the Pirates”.
  • Player camps are now considered when using the PvP planning tool.
  • Guild Officers tab is still displayed after ranks are modified.
  • Rankings time is now more accurately displayed.
  • Chat is not blocked anymore for players above level 5.
  • Adventure slots are freed up when the adventure invitation expires or is cancelled.
  • Chat time stamps are now accurate.
  • Production queue was not in order in some situations.
  • When demolishing a building, the pop-up message shows accurate information.
  • “Sea of Bread” and “Fragrance” Achievements now take (all) Fish and Meat re-fillers into account.
  • Generals no longer remain greyed out when they return to the Star Menu (while the Star Menu window is open).
  • The correct troops are displayed in the Troop Overview when playing Expeditions.