Changelog 03.08.2017

  • Achievements: Several achievement icons have been updated.
  • Adventure: The Mayor’s House, hardwood forester and hardwood sawmill in the “Of Songs and Curses” adventure are now unbuffable until the relevant quests start.
  • Adventure: The Mayor’s House in the “Of Songs and Curses” adventure has been replaced.
  • Adventure: The bakery in the “Of Songs and Curses” adventure is now set correctly as a decoration.
  • Adventure: Reduced the amount of wildlife inside the “Of Songs and Curses” adventure.
  • Adventure: Activated a nightlife filter in the “Of Songs and Curses” adventure.
  • Adventure: Moved the sector border in the “Red Riding Hood” adventure to improve interception behaviour.
  • Balance: Increased the precondition for the side quest “Gift Basket” to level 22.
  • General: Fixed a situation that caused buffs to disappear after being applied.
  • Optimisation: The client performance has been further optimised for big zones.
  • Text: Various localisation fixes.
  • UI: Adjusted the difficulty ratings of some adventures which did not match the intended design.
  • UI: Fixed an issue that would cause the chat window to disappear.
  • UI: Embedded avatar message icons for the new buffs in the winning Excelsior Story content.
  • UI: Greyed out the “Economic View” option from the context menu of certain resources e.g. Striped Eggs.
  • UI: Wildlife will no longer walk over the majority of the Spooky Tree.

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