Changelog 04.05.2022

  • Performance: Optimized performance of the star menu.
  • Performance: Optimized performance of the selling/buying selection window in the trade menu:
    • Reworked the search bar so that it works in real time, the search button has been replaced by a button that clears the search field.
    • Includes bug fixes such as items and numbers not displaying correctly.
  • Specialist: The Scared Explorer now brings back the correct amount of loot.
  • Buffs: Using the Fairydust buff no longer shuts down the zone.
  • Shop: Fixed the limit of the Capacious Warehouse in the Architect section of the merchant.
  • Shop: Resource costs of merchant items which cost multiple resources are now displayed correctly and will now indicate if there is an insufficient amount of a resource.
  • Guilds: Fixed the next page button in the guild list.
  • Text: Fixed some localization issues.

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