Changelog 06.07.2017

  • Adventure: Fixed several interceptions.
  • Adventure: Implemented a popup to confirm finishing an adventure.
  • Buff: Event buffs can now only be refunded if you have enough storage space.
  • Buff: Instantly bought collections will now also benefit from the event’s discount.
  • Expedition: The expedition tier icon will now show up correctly and display the correct tier of the colony/expedition.
  • Expedition: The remaining time for the active expedition will now display correctly.
  • Performance: Fix for potential performance issues (background logout/ visit friends/ greyed out buffs).
  • Stability: Several improvements to decrease locked zones.
  • Text: Updated the popup text for cancelling expeditions.
  • UI: Fixed some icons in several descriptions.
  • UI: Premium time is now properly shown in zone wide buff tooltip.
  • UI: Finished adventure button now does not overlap with additional quests anymore.

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