Changelog 09.03.2017

  • Combat: Included damage combat modifiers in the building damage phase of combat, excluding battle frenzy.
  • General: Implemented unit definitions and icons for all generals.
  • General: Clicking on Marshals in expeditions now should work correctly.
  • General Skill: “Home Field Advantage” is now halved for elite units.
  • General Skill: “Jog” moved to manuscript tier ad values increased to 10/20/30%.
  • General Skill: “First Aid” moved down to Tome tier 1.
  • General Skill: “Confident Leader” moved down to Tome tier 2 and values increased to 15/30/45%.
  • General Skill: “Overrun” moved up to Tome tier 2.
  • General Skill: “Battle Frenzy” moved up to Codex tier 1.
  • Quest: Production quests for resources should now trigger correctly.
  • Star Coins : XP ratio buffed from 1:2,000 to 1:1,000.
  • Localization: Several text improvements.
  • UI: Changed ‘Send to adventure’ button behaviour to prevent invalid actions (send general to expedition, or wrong troop types).
  • UI: Chat is not minimizing anymore after switching zones.
  • UI: Avatar messages are now only displayed to the player who sends the general in an adventure.
  • UI: Changed the splash damage indicator in battle reports to be more specific.
  • UI: Players now receive avatar messages when a friend buffs their island.

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