Changelog 12.07.2018

  • Achievements: Comparing achievements should now work as intended.
  • Adventures: Fixed naming inconsistencies in the Mountain Clan Campaign adventures.
  • Adventures: All players on an adventure will now receive a notification if a horseshoe buff is used.
  • Adventures: The Landing Fields on “The People of the Mountain” adventure should now work as intended.
  • Adventures: Fixed a Landing Field issue on “The Heroic Little Tailor” when more than one player was on the adventure.
  • Adventures: Fixed a rare issue on the “Unknown Regions” adventure where players couldn’t apply trade offers.
  • General: The client loading time has been improved.
  • Shop: The “Cheese Sandwich” has been removed from the in-game shop and is now deletable in the Star Menu.
  • UI: Increased the size of the Star Menu input field when adding resources to deposits and/or storage.
  • UI: Changed the appearance of red crosses into green crosses to avoid confusion.
  • UI: The size of the Star Menu should has been tweaked for lower resolutions.

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