Changelog 17.11.2016

  • Adventure: Fixed collectibles not working on excelsior adventures.
  • Adventure: Implemented the tropical/jungle filter on El Chupacabra, One Step Ahead and Valuable Intel.
  • Adventure: Two decoration objects in Save the Christmas Feast and The Stolen Sleigh aren’t selectible anymore to avoid confusion with collectibles.
  • Adventure: Getting into the Christmas Spirit shows no blank spot in the reward section anymore.
  • Buff: Christmas scenario buffs are now deletable.
  • Merchant: All types of units are implemented into the test server merchant category. Each item contains 50 units.
  • Stability: Several improvements to zone stability.
  • Text: Several localization improvements.
  • UI: The icon of the item A thousand snowflakes on the advent calendar is now consistent with the one at the merchant.
  • UI: The Grout shop banner now correctly links to the Grout shop entry.
  • UI: Presents are not shown in the economic overview anymore.
  • UI: New icons for event banners.

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