Update 15.11.2016

  • 20 new daily quests that use and reward the new resources introduced with the Level Cap Raise are added to the game.
  • Avatar buttons and their corresponding tooltips can only be accessed in their due hitboxes.
  • The production times for Barracks and Elite barracks are now displayed correctly with an active “Recruitment Guide”.
  • Tactical event resources are now hidden from the Star Menu outside the respective event.
  • The “Economy Overview” option in the Mayor’s House is not missing for some resources anymore.
  • “Turning the Key” Quest text has been adjusted to fit the window requirement.
  • The quest trigger text for applying buffs on friends’ islands has been adjusted.
  • 2015 achievement Vice Pumpkin Master displays the text now, when hovering over it.
  • Event icons are now displayed on some achievement UI items.
  • Excelsior’s interface will not be locked anymore when interacting with the Forge.
  • The Bookbinder (X) and Zoom (+-) are now listed as shortcuts in the game archives.
  • Explorer skill “Sophisticated Pillager” will now trigger a quest for certain adventures.
  • The “Attractive Prices” quest displays the requirements as intended.
  • The landing zones were adjusted in the following adventures: Ali Baba the Young Woodcutter, Ali Baba and the First Thief, Ali Baba and the Second Thief, Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge, Aladdin and the Oil Lamp, Sindbad and the Sea Snake, and Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess.
  • The explorer skills “Mountain Boots” and “Pathfinder” will now be displayed in the Artifact search notification mail and in the Rarity Search tooltip.
  • The description of the zone-wide buffs “Sandman’s Powder” and “A Thousand Snowflakes” is now consistent with the layout of the zone wide buffs changing the wildlife.

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