Changelog 24.05.2017

  • Adventure: Interceptions in Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess and Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge now work as intended.
  • Combat: Skills for elite units in battle report are now always showing.
  • Localization: Several text improvements.
  • Quest: The following quests are now about beating bandit leader camps/liberating sectors instead of a higher number of general bandit camps.
    • – Mission “Free home zone”: Liberate a total of 3 sectors.
    • – A new attack: Liberate a total of 4 sectors.
    • – Once and for all: Defat all remaining bandit leader camps.
  • UI: Updates for the colony window and colony tracked item renderer.
  • UI: If a player for some reason has a hidden quest he will now be able to use the buttons like complete or pay for fish regardless.

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