Changelog 19.05.2017

  • Adventure: Fixed trigger and localization for “The Lost Skull”.
  • Adventure: Adjusted several landing spots on ‘The Clever Little Tailor’ so build up process will not be cancelled anymore.
  • Combat: Battle animations will now always play out properly.
  • Generals: Halved the deployment and demolishing time for the Master of Defense.
  • Localization: Included some Expedition tooltips and several other minor text improvements.
  • Quest: “Hunter Diversion” now properly completes with moving 2 hunters.
  • Specialists: Specialists will now be greyed out in the star menu if they are already on a task.
  • Trade: Trades will not appear twice anymore in the trade history.
  • UI: Arrow keys to move the camerica now always work as they should.
  • UI: Added premium time to Zone Buff UI also on adventure/expedition zones.
  • UI: Adjusted the notification message for zone buffs when are applied by a friend.

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