Changelog 24.08.2017

  • Adventure: Fixed the order of the buffs relevant to the “Larsian Silk Cat” adventure in the Provision House.
  • General: Fixed an issue which caused books that had been invested in Generals to disappear if they were applied and sent to an adventure abnormally quickly.
  • General: A fix has been implemented for locked zones.
  • General: Adjusted the production costs for “Horseshoe” buffs.
  • Graphic: Fixed some small artefacts on the new mountain.
  • Text: Various localisation fixes.
  • UI: Adventures in the trade window will now more clearly show the total number a player has.
  • UI: Fixed some text in the trade window not having a black outline.
  • UI: Added the Concert Flyers icon to avatar message icons.
  • UI: Fixed an issue where the trade history could not be deleted correctly.
  • UI: Further altered the conditions that trigger help messages related to adventure types and other properties to pop-up.

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