Changelog 26.07.2017

  • Scary Tree: A new decoration building has been added to the shop and the “Of Songs and Curses” adventure.
  • Achievements: Several achievement triggers have been updated to work with missions.
  • Adventure: The Mayor’s House in the “Of Songs And Curses” adventure is now buffable from the start.
  • Adventure: An unintended residence is no longer attackable in the “Of Songs and Curses” adventure.
  • Adventure: Some buildings within the “Of Songs and Curses” adventure have been exchanged.
  • Adventure: Several adventures have had their difficulty ratings adjusted.
  • Text: The tooltip for “Training Expedition” is no longer unaffected by the adventure type redesign.
  • UI: Hotkeys will now respect the input field priority, no longer causing the viewfinder to snap to certain locations.
  • UI: Buttons within the questbook will no longer overlap.
  • UI: The Star Menu filter “type” for adventures has been adjusted.
  • UI: Old adventure type icons inside the questbook have been replaced.

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