Changelog 26.10.2017

  • General Mary Christmas’ trait, “Have a Treat!”, increasing the combat XP by 100% has been implemented.
  • The five tiny retro scenarios “Something is wrong”, “Strange looking buildings”, “Like a disease”, “Point of view” and “Side effects” will now reward 100 XP and drop a random retro skin changer buff.
  • A new button for the Barracks, the Elite Barracks, the Combat Academy, the Combat Armory, the Provision House and the Rarity Provision House queues has been implemented.
  • Disabled info icons on buildings will now also be taken into account in the epic workyards.
  • “Mark Collectibles” being counted as buffs on friends on some quests and achievements was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue when hovering over new option buttons.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Rarity Provision House giftable in a previous test version.
  • Fixed the details window of a colony under attack showing incorrect information.
  • Potential locked zone fix.
  • A rare problem with costs when moving certain buildings was fixed.
  • Reactivated Christmas shop banners.
  • Various localization fixes.

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