Changelog 27.04.2016

  • Buff: Made provisioner buffs usable on friend’s islands.
  • General: Troop loading and unloading will work again without freezes/lags.
  • General: Avatar Message Icon for Generals transferring to the Star Menu is now showing.
  • General: Player can now open the overview of the general in the recovery phase again.
  • Quest: “Missing Tools”, “The Mysterious Coin” and “To the first adventure” now show the correct rewards.
  • Pathfinder: Several quest triggers have been corrected.
  • Map: Archipelago navigation shortcuts have been adjusted (CTRL + number).
  • Stability: Several situations that could lead to locked zones have been solved.
  • Stacking: Changed configuration to allow for Provision and Rarity Provision house battle buffs to be stackable together.
  • Summer Event: Finishing “Practice Match” will not incorrectly create an earlier quest chain anymore.
  • Summer Event: Calendar window header has been slightly adjusted to make the text fit.
  • Text: Fishfood now shows the correct text.
  • Text: The mail texts for cancelling an adventure are properly displayed in all languages.

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