Update 08.12.2020

  • Christmas Event: This year’s Christmas Event will be technically implemented into the game, featuring festive new specialists, buildings, achievements and more! Celebrations start on December 21st!
  • New Decorations: Decoration Cacti and Palm Trees have been added to the in-game Merchant!
  • Venture Bundle: The popular Venture Bundle #2 is making a return to the Black Market!
  • Adventure: Fixed an issue that prevented Generals from attacking enemy camps in the Misty Cake adventure.
  • Adventure: A decorative Old Tree is no longer selectable in the Bonaberti Business adventure.
  • Adventure: Fixed an issue that caused the Bonaberti Business adventure to not be affected by a Prestigious Friend Buff.
  • Adventure: The Bonaberti Business adventure now counts towards adventure tasks.
  • Buildings: Fixes a graphics issue on Tier 7 Foresters.
  • Buildings: Ghost Lanterns should no longer give out more loot boxes than intended when more than 5 Ghost Lanterns are placed down.
  • Buffs: The Christmas Bakery “Secret Santa” Buff now affects Noble Butcher Tributes.
  • Other: Fixes various localisation issues

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