Update 15.10.2019

  • The 2019 Halloween Event will be technically implemented into the game.
  • Adventure Bookbinder will be made available via the Architect category of the in-game shop.
  • When applying skins to the Mayor’s House, it will now show the correct name for that skin.
  • Items produced while the Premium Friend Buff is active now correctly appear in the Star Menu, right after the shortened production time ends.
  • Mr. Crois Sant description now includes the Improved Bakery.
  • Adjusted the skill description of the Charming Geologist; he correctly has a 100% chance of finding deposits that can be mined 100% faster.
  • The trigger for the first sub-quest in the “Lost Compass” quest-chain was changed to count Codices aquired from any source; this includes the Adventure Bookbinder and Rarity Provision House.
  • Spring Cleaning now affects the Improved Lettersmith.
  • Fixed an issue in the adventure “The Shaman” that caused the boulders to disappear when applying a combat buff.
  • This update will include the currency conversion for the anniversary event items, along with a script to exchange doubled blueprints!

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