Update 19.06.2018

  • The technical implementation of the Summer Event which will be activated worldwide on June 25th.
  • The Mountain Clan Campaign – embark on a journey into new lands.
  • The enemy camps are using the former health bar again and the camps’ hit points are now displayed via a new camp unit icon in the tooltip.
  • Roads should no longer disappear.
  • “Kitty Lure” should not affect the Improved Bakery anymore.
  • “Weapon Crafting Guide” now affects Maker (Bow, Longbow, Crossbow, Arquebuse), Cannon Forge, Foundry and Stable (Normal, Elite, Epic).
  • Altar buffs in “The Lost City” are now working as intended.
  • “Targeting Priorities” archive entry was adjusted to show the proper target priority.
  • Mystical Horseshoes have been moved to Black Market category at the merchant.
  • The trigger in “The New Epic Well” quest is now displayed as intended.
  • The game will not redownload all assets or files every time, but only at the first start after the update. Afterwards, they will be used from your browser cache.
  • The following achievements do not trigger anymore upon levelling up: “Kingdom Vaults”, “Celebration, “First Strike”, “Independence!” and “Wonderland”.
  • Regular units are not using the Expedition Unit Frame anymore in Mountain Clan Campaign missions.

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