Update 20.11.2018

  • Weekly Challenges are a brand new set of short quest chains that have to be solved within 7 days! If you’re successful, you will be awarded tokens which can be used to upgrade residences.
  • The Training Grounds and Elite Training Grounds are new buildings which boost the recruitment speed of both the Barracks and Elite Barracks by 50% respectively. Available for Beanstalks and Gems at the merchant.
  • The Medic General & Scouting Post have been added to the in-game Merchant to purchase with Gems!
  • The weekly chat server reset message has been updated.
  • Added a confirmation pop-up window when deleting mails: the old “delete” context menu popup will now show an overview of their selection and request confirmation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused talents and skills on some specialists to not be correctly displayed.
  • The Mail Window will now automatically close itself after successfully sending a guild application mail.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from sending guild/private mails everytime they log into the game.
  • Pumpkin Field Fertilizers will not be available to trade after the Halloween Event has ended, as intended.
  • Permanent retro skins can now be applied to buildings with an active production buff.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the editing of Guild Ranks.
  • “Brief Séance” runtime is now fixed at 24 hours as intended.
  • The “Placeholder” item in trade has been removed.
  • Resolved some inconsistencies with text that used the word “Fisher” instead of “Fishermen”.
  • The amount of pre-selected buffs should now not exceed the amount of available buffs or the camp capacity.
  • Fixed an issue with the collect all feature which could lead to a visual error where items and XP were temporarily added twice and later the excess resources were removed again. This visual error only occurred temporarily and no player actually received any more/less rewards than they were due.

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