Update 20.11.2019

  • A new coop adventure Split City in Fall can now be found on long and very long adventure searches!
  • More mountains on the home-island are now destroyable to increase available building space!
  • A new bundle is available in the Black Market category of the in-game merchant!
  • The Excelsior and Mill Tributes can now be aquired through in-game achievements.
  • The Ghost Lantern no longer uses a building license.
  • The description for the Ghost Ship has been adjusted to make it fit the window.
  • The Ghost Lantern loot boxes now properly display their name in the Star Menu as intended.
  • The “Premium Friend Buff” has been renamed to “Prestigious Friend Buff” to avoid confusion with Premium Time.
  • Mails from the Prestigious Friend Buff now displays the name of the player who applied the buff.
  • Adjusted the quest task of the Ghost Lantern quest “Mini Ghosts” to display the correct amount of mini-missions needed to finish.
  • Exchanged the Spooky Mine from the “Terrorized Town” questchain with one that is not reccuring, and applied the change to mines already aquired from the quest.

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