Update 22.08.2018

  • Island Expansion: four new islands have been added to the home-island!
  • The limit for Lucky Explorers in the Black Market has been increased by one (1) since the Summer Event ended.
  • The cursor will be focused on the chat input when the home island updates.
  • Wildlife should now be visible again when visiting a friend’s island.
  • The tooltip for the buff quests “A Mysterious Coin” & “A New Gemstone” are now displayed as intended.
  • The “Hearty Soup” buff now recovers the correct amount of units in “The People of the Mountain” adventure.
  • Removed restrictions to player actions from the “New Settlers” quest.
  • Fixed a rounding issue in the damage calculation for the General’s “Sniper Training” skill.
  • Fixed an issue in the “A Giant Battle” adventure where destroying a boulder wouldn’t correctly unblock the path.
  • The Obsidian Ore payout should now be correctly increased if multiple debuffs are still active in the Moutain Clan Campaign.
  • Deleting one of multiple Provision House buildings (such as Snack Stand) no longer cancels the production in any that still remain.
  • The cost for the Watchtower Construction Kit in the Rarity Provision House is now 8,000 Granite during “The People of the Mountain” adventure.
  • Fixed a UI issue that would cause achievement tasks to not be displayed as intended.
  • The PVP button in the Water Castle now works correctly again.
  • The UI will now correctly focus the input on the number of buffs, instead of the stacks in all buff producing buildings.
  • Opening the mail window and battle report is now properly counted for quests.

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