Update 30.03.2023

  • New Event: This game update includes the technical implementation of this year’s Easter Event, which begins on April 3rd!
  • Shop Update: A new shop category “Building skins” has been added and all building skins have been moved to it.
  • Buffs: Fisherman specific buffs now affect the 4th Era Roman Fisherman.
  • Buffs: Fixed the Grand Field Hospital buff values for the Elite Soldier, it now scales like any other unit.
  • Graphics: Non-workyard building animations will now play again.
  • Mails: Mails notifying players that they have been outbid in an auction can now be deleted.
  • Misc: Fixed the Cursed Tower resource limits.
  • Text: Fixed some localization issue.
  • Chat: Switching the global chat channel will no longer switch the chat to the help channel.
  • UI: Fixed a wrong shop description for Motherly Love adventure.
  • UI: Fixed an issue that could cause building indicators missing.

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