Changelog 16.11.2017

  • Achievements: Fixed some syntax errors in certain achievements.
  • Generals: Fixed an issue with Xmas Generals not correctly functioning with the “Fast Learner” trait.
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue with exhausted Gem-Pits which displayed a non-existent building.
  • Quest: Fixed the first Xmas scenario not retroactively counting towards a quest as intended.
  • Quest: The quest “The Christmas Surprise” now correctly triggers as intended when opening the calendar window.
  • Text: Various localisation fixes.
  • UI: Moved the unique item in the shop from the middle row to the left (first position).
  • UI: Fixed some item frames in the shop window.
  • UI: Added a new graphic for the Provision House help archive entry.
  • UI: Fixed an issue regarding tooltips not displaying correctly on some parts of the Guild Market Vote.

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