Update 21.11.2017

  • The guild market in-game voting system has been technically implemented in the game. The activation will take place later, after further internal tests.
  • The icon of the medipack has been adjusted.
  • The improved bakery and the recipe for platinum horseshoes have been added to the shop.
  • The Excelsior UI should no longer freeze when interacting with it.
  • The error message of a crashed adventure has been adjusted to make it better understandable.
  • Changed the difficulty value in the description of “Old Ruins” to 6.
  • Removed moving costs for the university.
  • Quests that task you to produce any type of book now specify that they have to be produced in the Bookbinder.
  • A rare problem with costs when moving certain buildings was fixed.
  • The text of “The Larsian Silk Cat” quest text has been adjusted.
  • The description of the “Decorative tree pack” has been adjusted.

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