Changelog 30.11.2017

  • Achievements: Fixed an issue that caused the Event achievement section to disappear.
  • PVP: Fixed an exploit that would turn off aggro zones in Expeditions.
  • Quest: Fixed being able to gain double the intended amount of XP when completing “Returning to Mama Panda” subquest.
  • Text: Various localisation fixes.
  • Text: Fixed an issue that caused Guild Chat to become absent.
  • UI: Fixed an issue that caused collectable objects to disappear.
  • UI: Corrected the shop frames for the Master of Defense.
  • UI: The help archive entry for the Barracks has been moved to the “Buildings” category and updated for new production queue features.
  • UI: Fixed the missing icon in the notification messages when recipes are applied to the rarity provision house.
  • UI: Fixed missing tooltips for the buttons of the production queues.
  • UI: Tweaked an asset when disbanding a guild.
  • UI: Normalised the tooltips between generals with and without traits.
  • UI: Made it easier to read option tooltips in the drop-down menu of production queues.
  • UI: Fixed some hover-over text for several Explorers appearing as “undefined”.
  • UI: Resolved an issue that caused the tooltips from some of the winning items in the Guild Market Vote to display the incorrect item.
  • UI: Fixed an issue that unintentionally increased the counter for limited items in the shop by +1.

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